When do you need to see a primary care doctor? And what types of health concerns and illnesses can a primary care doctor provide? Keep reading to learn more about primary care.

Your primary care doctor plays a core role in your lifelong health and wellness. If something specific goes wrong with your health, like an illness or injury, you might seek specialist care. However, you also need a primary care provider, who looks at your whole-body health and stays in contact with you over time.

Let the team at LA Medical Clinic Inc. become your primary care providers. We offer comprehensive primary care from our convenient location in Glendale, California. We support you in managing your health and wellness, acting as your medical care home.

Primary care doctors provide preventive care, treat common illnesses, and help you manage chronic conditions. Your primary care doctor also acts as your first line of defense when it comes to early detection of potential health problems.

If you’re wondering what part of your health care is managed by a primary care physician, or how primary care could benefit you, read on for key information.

Primary care and preventive medicine

Preventive medicine forms a major part of primary care services. Preventive medicine focuses on maintaining your health and avoiding illness and injury as much as possible.

Preventive medicine includes regular checkups and screenings at an annual exam. This allows your primary care doctor to establish a baseline record of your health, and to catch early signs of potentially serious health conditions early, when treatment is often simpler, and has a higher likelihood of success.

We keep all your vaccinations up to date, protecting you against disease.

Your preventive care treatment can also involve lifestyle education. You may need help with weight loss, hormonal changes, or quitting smoking.

Your primary care doctor gets to know you, and other members of your household, over an extended period of time. That gives them a unique perspective on health and wellness issues like diet, exercise, stress, life transitions, and aging.

Your primary medical care home

It’s not always possible to prevent illness or injury. When you’re unwell, your primary care provider continues to support you. In fact, when you get sick or hurt, your primary care provider may very well be the first person you contact.

If you have a minor or common illness like the flu, your primary care doctor can treat the condition, prescribing medication or recommending therapies to get you back to your healthy baseline. If you’re living with a chronic condition like diabetes or high blood pressure, your primary care doctor offers ongoing management support, ensuring that your symptoms remain under control.

And, if you develop a medical condition that needs specialist care, your primary care provider can recommend experts to continue your treatment. It’s easier to get the care you need when you partner with a knowledgeable primary care provider.

We can even help get you started with mental health treatment for conditions like depression and anxiety.

For the expert, comprehensive primary care that you and your loved ones need to maintain optimal health, contact the team at LA Medical Clinic Inc. today. You can schedule your first appointment by calling now, or request an appointment online.

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