Forma is an innovative radio-frequency treatment that targets wrinkles without the need for needles or going under the knife. It is a completely non-invasive process for wrinkle removal!

The Forma’s radio-frequency current flows between the electrodes providing a comfortable thermal experience on the targeted area. The temperature is optimized and controlled at a very precise level in order to provide even stimulation of collagen which improves skin elasticity. The device can be used on the face and neck to treat wrinkles, tighten skin, and promote collagen renewal.

How Can Forma Be Used

Forma can be used on both patients’ face and body. Commonly treated areas are: forehead, crow’s feet, upper eyelids, lower eyelids, nasolabial folds, jowls, smile lines and neck. This technology uses radio- frequency energy and targets the deep layers of the skin, no area is under or over treated. This ensures maximum and consistent results.

Many Forma patients will combine Forma with Morpheus 8 skin resurfacing and Lumecca photofacial for a treatment series called FracTotal Facial. FracTotal Facial is the ultimate skin rejuvenation treatment that addresses skin laxity, uneven skin tone/texture, and wrinkles.

It is recommended that weekly sessions are performed over a six-week period.

Individual results may vary, and contraindications may apply. Must be performed by an experienced, licensed professional.

Consultation with an experienced, licensed professional will help you understand whether treatment with Forma will be an efficient and safe treatment option for you.

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Forma Prices

$200 individual treatment (face or neck)

$100 for a 10×10 cm area

$1,000 for 6 treatments (face or neck)

$1,800 for 6 face treatments and 6 neck treatments