Emsella is a breakthrough treatment to help treat urinary incontinence. Many factors can cause urinary incontinence, such as aging, menopause, obesity, and childbirth, which can cause weakened muscles providing insufficient support for the pelvic organs. The procedure allows men and women of any age to sit and experience a non-invasive treatment to help with incontinence.

What Causes Urinary Incontinence?

Patients at any age can experience urinary incontinence. However, this condition is more common among middle-aged and older women. Common causes include natural aging, childbirth, menopause, obesity, hysterectomy, and weakened pelvic floor muscles. As pelvic floor muscles weaken, internal organs have difficulty controlling bladder function.

Symptoms of Urinary Incontinence

Frequently waking up to get out of bed at night to the bathroom is just one symptom of urinary incontinence. Other symptoms include leakage of urine when exercising or playing sports and when sneezing or coughing. Those who experience these symptoms should call to speak to a specialist to determine if Emsella is the best treatment to help improve their quality of life by treating their incontinence. Schedule a consultation with a healthcare provider to discuss if Emsella is the best treatment option and learn about how this treatment can assist with urinary incontinence.

Benefits of Emsella Treatments

The most common benefit of receiving Emsella treatments is reducing urinary incontinence in women. There are many other benefits patients experience when receiving these treatments, including:

  • Reduced urinary and fecal incontinence
  • Increased sexual performance
  • Improved quality of life
  • Stronger pelvic floor muscles

Best Candidates for Emsella

Emsella works for both men and women of any age experiencing levels 0 and 1 stress urinary incontinence. Those are the best candidates to receive the treatment; Emsella theoretically can help those with any amount of leaking, including males with prostate cancer. However, a person may be excluded from being a good candidate for this treatment if they are pregnant, have a cardiac pacemaker or implanted defibrillator, use drug pumps, have metal implants, or experience hemorrhagic conditions. In addition, those with a malignant tumor, pulmonary insufficiency, or a heart disorder may not qualify for Emsella treatment.

Emsella Treatment for Men

Men experiencing erectile dysfunction may benefit from undergoing Emsella treatments. Emsella provides a treatment plan that may work better than medications, pumps, and other therapies. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can help increase blood flow to the area. Emsella provides a non-invasive, comfortable treatment used to help men with erectile dysfunction.

How Emsella Works

High-intensity focused electromagnetic technology helps stimulate the deep pelvic floor muscles during an Emsella treatment. A single treatment induces thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions, which help re-educate the muscles of incontinent patients. The best thing is, this treatment requires no effort on the patient’s part and no need to get undressed.

Treatment Recovery

Emsella treatment is one-hundred percent non-invasive with no recovery time. Patients remain fully clothed during the treatment. After the session, some patients experience stiffness getting up from the chair and mild soreness for a day or so. However, this does not interfere with any daily routines or activities.

When to Expect Results

It takes multiple sessions to start seeing results from Emsella treatment. Some patients see improvement after six sessions when scheduled twice a week. Depending upon the condition’s severity and individual patient’s medical history, it is possible to experience improvement after a few sessions. Some patients’ conditions worsen for a short period before they start to see progress. Additional treatment may be necessary, depending on the severity of the condition, as results vary from person to person.

Treatment Plan

The recommended number of Emsella treatments is six, with each treatment lasting about 30 minutes. Depending upon a person’s needs, it is recommended each treatment should be separated by at least two days. Undergoing all treatment sessions is necessary to maximize the effects and obtain optimal results. Dress comfortably for the treatment, so it is possible to spread the legs open and keep the back strain. This seated position allows the pelvis to be tilted correctly to receive treatment. Though there is no pain, some patients have reported experiencing a slight tingling and muscle contractions.

Receiving Treatment

Emsella treatments last approximately 30 minutes in a healthcare provider’s office. Many undergo Emsella treatments during their lunch break or in the middle of the day. With no downtime for recovery, it is possible to return to work or go about daily routines. Your healthcare provider recommends a treatment plan based on the initial consultation. Treatment plans include how often to receive treatment and how far apart treatments should be scheduled.


Depending on the condition’s severity at the start of treatment, results may last anywhere from six to 12 months after receiving treatment. However, most patients experience diminishing effects as the pelvic muscles start to sag after not being exercised. Because it is impossible to do thousands of Kegels at a time, maintenance treatments are recommended to ensure long-lasting results.

Treatment Pricing

Initial consultations for Emsella sometimes cost a $100 non-refundable fee, which can be applied toward procedure costs. Each treatment costs $300, and some clinics provide a discount when purchasing a package of all six treatments. Maintenance treatments also cost $300 per visit, and discounted packages may be available for future treatments.

Regardless of the fact that the Food and Drug Administration approved Emsella, health insurance policies do not cover treatment costs. Treatments are considered out-of-pocket expenses but are eligible as an FSA eligible expense.

After Emsella Treatment

After undergoing an Emsella treatment, patients can return to their daily tasks. It is essential to monitor any changes occurring during and after the first couple of sessions. Once changes start to be noticed, there should be continued improvement after each session.

Emsella is a non-invasive treatment used to help women with urinary incontinence experience improved bladder control. Treatment also helps men with erectile dysfunction improve their sexual performance. Call a healthcare provider to discuss the benefits of Emsella and determine if this type of treatment is best for a patient’s needs.