Is Laser Hair Removal Worth it?

Despite Covid making us let ourselves go indoors, some people still want to look good. They just don’t want to look homeless on their Zoom calls. One part of grooming to taking off unwanted hair. There are shaving and waxing for starters. If you want results to last longer, you can turn to things like Nair. Usually, these are easy methods that do not take too much time. But sometimes, hair can be persistent with its growth. Merely shaving only takes off the hair on the surface. It only takes days or weeks to grow back. It is the same story with waxing. The process is just ripping out hair from under the skin. This would sound better than shaving but there’s still the problem of hair growing back. Plus, waxing is known to be rather painful. Products like Nair can sound go but there is still the problem of hair growing back. You might need to do a second application for the Nair to really work. You will also need to wait a few minutes for it to properly. Plus, some of the chemicals can irritate the skin and lead to more problems. If shaving, waxing, and Nair aren’t good enough to get rid of wanted hair? That’s when you turn to stronger methods. This is when you turn to laser hair removal. The method is just as the name suggests. A professional will take a laser and burn the hair off under the skin. Yes, the process is a little bit painful but it will be worth it for smoother skin that will last longer. However, not everyone can turn to lasering off their hair just to look good. There are reasons ranging from the cost to time commitments. Still, you should not completely write off laser hair removal. The practice does have its benefits in the long run. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of laser hair removal.


The first thing to look at is your skin will stay smoother longer. Let’s be honest. The only true and legal way to permanently get rid of unwanted hair is electrolysis. Think of laser hair removal as the next best thing. The process is so good that it makes unwanted hair manageable. You can even get it down to where you won’t need to shave anymore. This is because the laser goes under the skin to get closer to the root. After about three or four sessions, you feel look and feel the difference. Another plus is that laser hair removal can cover more ground on the body. From your chin to your bikini line, you can have the process done on whatever body part that you desire. You just need to lie there and let the laser do the work. Does laser hair removal hurt? Not really. The process falls between shaving and waxing. The professionals will give you an ice pack to numb and cool away the pain. You hold the pack to the place that you want to be treated before and after. Plus, the pain goes down the more sessions you have. The pain is a price to pay to look good. Soon, you will be left with smooth skin.


One of the biggest cons is the cost of laser hair removal. Some people just can’t make ends meet. The process can cost up to $200-$400 per session. The number of visits can really add up. If that is out of your price range, you might want to hold off on laser hair removal for the time being. Another drawback is that the process is time-consuming. You can’t expect fast results like you would with shaving. You have to look at how committed you are to go through laser hair removal. The process can take up to many sessions to get down to not needing to shave anymore. Plus, you have to factor in the six-week wait time in between sessions. The tone of your skin can be something you have to think about before going in for laser hair removal. According to Self, “In patients with darker skin tones, the pigment-rich skin competes with the hair follicle for the laser’s attention.” But that doesn’t mean that people with darker skin tone can’t go in for laser hair removal. They just have to make sure that the facility is properly trained and equipped to do it. Speaking of the facility, you have to make sure that they know what they are doing. If you end up going to an untrained technician, you will be left with nasty burns and scars on your skin.

Is it Worth it?

So is laser hair removal worth it? The answer is yes. Laser hair removal can be safe when done in the right hands. You just have to shop around for the best facilities in your town. You do not want to end up with nasty burns and scars on the skin. Do your homework before you get started. Depending on what state you live in, the licensing procedures can vary. Take the time to read reviews about the facility you want to visit. What are the customers saying about it? Are they positive or negative? When you go through the reviews, you will have your answer on whether you should go there or not. Another problem that you have to look into is the cost. You can save money if you want to get laser hair removal done that badly. Another tip to help with the cost is doing your research. Sure, cheap doesn’t always mean good. However, you can still get good service at a reasonable price. It doesn’t take much to do the research.

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