Morpheus8 Los Angeles

Morpheus8 Los Angeles

Morpheus8 Los Angeles

Morpheus8 Los Angeles

Morpheus8 is a cosmetic procedure used to help diminish fine lines, wrinkles, aging signs, and more. It is a safe and effective procedure that uses RF technology to remodel the skin, leaving it smooth and younger-looking. Those wanting to improve their skin’s quality and condition should reach out to a specialist experienced in Morpheus8 Los Angeles to discuss treatment options.

About Morpheus8 Los Angeles

Morpheus8 treatments use microneedles to penetrate the surface of the skin. This procedure helps stimulate collagen production within the underlying layers of the dermis. This area of the skin holds the building blocks needed to promote youthful-looking skin. The procedure helps organize those building blocks prompting a natural anti-aging process. Morpheus8 is a minimally invasive procedure with little to no downtime.

Ideal Candidates

Morpheus8 is ideal for patients with all skin types. Those with mild to moderate signs of aging will experience better results. Ideal candidates for Morpheus8 treatments include those with wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, skin discoloration, acne scars, and sagging, dull skin.

Benefits of Morpheus8 Los Angeles

As with any cosmetic procedure, there are many benefits patients experience. Benefits vary from patient to patient and depend significantly upon the treatment area and how severe the condition is. Some common benefits patients experience with Morpheus8 includes:

  • Smoother, revitalized skin
  • More youthful appearance
  • Reduces the appearance of age spots
  • Little recovery time
  • Improved collagen production
  • Used to treat multiple areas
  • Minimally invasive
  • It can be used on all skin types

Risks of Morpheus8

Though minimal, some patients do experience side effects associated with recent Morpheus8 treatments. Some of these side effects include:

  • Micro lesions within a few days of treatment
  • Slight skin redness
  • Cannot wear makeup or apply skincare regimen for a few days after treatment
  • Little pain during the procedure

Treatment Areas

The most significant benefit of Morpheus8 is that patients can use it to treat any part of their body. The lower face and neck are the most commonly treated areas using Morpheus8. These areas tend to exhibit wrinkles, discoloration, and acne scarring more than other parts of the body. However, some patients have used Morpheus8 Los Angeles to treat different body parts, including arms, stomach, and legs.

Depending upon the treatment area and desired results, patients can expect to have between one and three sessions of Morpheus8.

Morpheus8 Results

Some patients see results within a few days after their first treatment, but typically it can take up to three weeks for noticeable results. However, most patients need to undergo one to three treatments before seeing optimal results.

After Treatment

Patients will receive detailed post-treatment care instructions from the dermatologist. These instructions outline what to do and how to help the treatment area heal. It is best to avoid direct sun exposure in the days following treatment and use sunscreen when going outside. Patients receiving treatment on the face should not apply makeup for at least two days post-treatment.

Downtime after a Morpheus8 treatment is minimal, but patients should expect to see micro lesions a few days after receiving treatment. There may also be slight redness of the treatment area for about a week. Any concerns about post-procedure care and risks involved with Morpheus8 should speak with their physician or treatment technician.

Morpheus8 Los Angeles is a procedure to help reduce the signs of aging. Those wanting to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections, such as lines, wrinkles, acne scars, or discoloration, should speak with their dermatologist. During the consultation, the dermatologist can help determine the treatment area and if Morpheus8 is the best option.