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Eric:               We’re here with Lusine Apikyan from LA Medical Clinic, Glendale, and we want to talk about the subject of Juvederm.  We’re getting a lot of questions for people that are interested in Juvederm, and one of the first things that always comes up is Lusine, is it painful?


LA Medical: We do use numbing cream, but it can be a little painful.


Eric:               And what would you say is the recovery time?  How long am I going to feel some pain or any side effects?


LA Medical: Patients can have bruising, swelling, pain for up to 1 – 2 weeks.


Eric:               Okay, and when you’re using Juvederm, where do you generally, which part of your client’s face do you use it on?


LA Medical: There’s different Juvederm products. For example, Voluma is used for the cheeks, Ultra, Ultra Plus can be used for the lips, Volbella can be used for the lips.  Ultra, Ultra Plus can be used for the nasal labial folds.  So, depending on what the client is looking for.


Eric:               And generally, how long does it last?


LA Medical: The first treatment can last anywhere for up to six months.  But if the patient does repeated treatments, it will tend to last longer and longer.


Eric:               Okay, so if they if they come in for treatment for Juvederm, and then six months later, they come back again for a second treatment – is that something that again, you wait about six months and come back again?


LA Medical: Well, some patients, depending on what size of lips, for example they’re looking for, they might do one today and then come back in a month or two, and do another one. It depends on what size they’re looking for. So, if they do it once and come back in six months, it might last them six to nine months, the next one for six to 12 months.


Eric:               Can you give us an idea how much this would cost?  I know that different clients are going to want different results and things like that, but if you can give us kind of an idea.


LA Medical: For example, Ultra and Ultra Plus – one syringe of the 1ml will cost you $450 at LA Medical Clinic versus Voluma will be somewhere around $600 to $650. So, it depends which product you’re going to buy.


Eric:               And you have everything on your website,  So, if anybody has any questions that they want answered, you can get all their information there at, and you can speak with Lusine or another practitioner there.  Thank you so much for your time.


LA Medical: Thank you, Eric.