LA Medical Clinic Glendale

LA Medical Clinic Glendale

LA Medical Clinic Glendale

Eric: All right, so we have Lusine Apikyan here from LA Medical Clinic Glendale, in Glendale. Hi Lusine.

LA Medical Clinic Glendale: Hi Eric.

Eric: How’s everything?

LA Medical Clinic Glendale: Great, and you?

Eric: Good. I wanted to talk about your company here. How long have you guys been in business?

LA Medical Clinic Glendale: So we opened our doors in February of 2019.

Eric: Okay. And who is the main doctor on staff at your location?

LA Medical Clinic Glendale: Our main doctor is Dr. Diego Kriger.

Eric:  And I was on your website. You have quite a number of services that you offer. If you could share with us some of the services that you offer.

Services Offered

LA Medical Clinic Glendale: So, yes, we do primary care. So I manage all kinds of diseases and help with preventative medicine like vaccinations and chronic disease management, as well as prescribing medication, interpreting labs and diagnostic imaging.

We also do aesthetics here, which includes Botox, fillers, laser hair removal, IPL, Morpheus Eight. We have Ivy hydration, the Vampire Series of treatments, which includes the facelift he breast lift the O-Shot the P-Shot, and also PRP for your hair if you’re having hair loss. So we have quite a number of services.

Eric: Yeah I prefaced it by saying that you have a lot of services that you offer at this location. And as far as insurance goes, do you accept insurance?

LA Medical Clinic Glendale: Yes. We accept all kinds of insurance as well as Medicare and Medi-Cal.

Eric: And any other forms of payment or financing?

LA Medical Clinic Glendale: We do have, if patients want to pay by credit, we do have a credit card machine, so we can take that. We also have care credit.

Eric: Gotcha. And how can people find you? What’s your website address and your phone number?

LA Medical Clinic Glendale: So our website addresses I don’t know what exactly is.

Eric: I’m on it now. And your phone number is (818) 696-2156. All right, well thank you.

LA Medical Clinic Glendale: Thank you for your time until next time.