IV therapy, also known as IV vitamin therapy, can enhance your wellness and well-being in a range of ways. Learn what to expect from this minimally invasive treatment.

Could feeling revitalized or less pain be as simple as an IV (intravenous) drip? IV vitamin therapy aims to do just that. The treatment has grown in popularity for good reasons, from improved hydration to reduced chronic pain symptoms and fatigue.

At LA Medical Clinic Inc in Glendale, California, board-certified nurse practitioner Lusine Apikyan. NP, and her team offer IV vitamin infusions to address a range of common health concerns.

Let’s take a closer look at IV therapy, including how it works and the benefits you can get.

How IV therapy works

Modern IV vitamin therapy was developed in the 1970s, but the understanding that medications could be administered straight into the veins goes back centuries.

In other words, medical professionals have known for a very long time that bypassing your digestive system and going straight to your bloodstream allows therapeutic substances to help you faster.

During the treatment, you sit comfortably in a chair while a solution of nutrient-rich fluid enters your blood through a small needle. During your 20-60 minute treatment, you can rest, listen to music, chat on the phone, or watch videos. Some people even fall asleep.

While some people notice immediate benefits, improvements often appear gradually, within hours or days.

10 benefits of IV therapy

Your specific benefits from IV therapy depend on the customized infusion you receive, based on factors such as your overall health and any symptoms you’re experiencing.

Potential benefits of our IV vitamin infusions include:

  1. Improved hydration
  2. Restored energy
  3. Reduced nutrient deficiencies
  4. Stronger immune function
  5. Lower risk of illness and disease
  6. Healthier hair, nails, and skin
  7. Improved athletic performance
  8. Faster recovery after exercise
  9. Less stress and tension
  10. A more vibrant appearance, as though you’ve had a good night’s rest

While you might notice one of these benefits most prominently, numerous improvements are common.

Good candidates for IV therapy

IV vitamin therapy is safe for most people. That said, our team takes special care to ensure that you’re a good candidate. We give you a comprehensive physical exam, and review your medical history and any medications or supplements you take.

You may be an especially good candidate if you’re prone to fatigue, have trouble staying hydrated or eating a nutritious diet, or seem especially vulnerable to infections or disease. Many athletes who want to improve how they feel and perform on the court, field, or track are good candidates as well.

To learn more about IV therapy or to get started with your desired treatment, call LA Medical Clinic Inc or book an appointment online on our website today.

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